Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Flash Cards for ASWB Exam Prep

Flash cards are a tried and true way to prepare for any exam. Studying flash cards is no substitute for running practice questions (like these!), but it can be a nice way to supplement your studying.

Making your own flash cards is probably the best way to go. Writing stuff down can help get it jammed into your mind. But if you'd like to lay back and click through to the work of others, here are some places to find flash cards for the social work licensing exam that are already out there.
Remember, just because it's on the internet--or on a flash card--doesn't mean it's necessarily the best information...or even true. Use your social work sense to weed out the unhelpful, the irrelevant, the overdetailed, and the time-wasting.  Avoid overstuffing. 

Good luck!

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