Monday, October 21, 2013

LCSW and LMSW Exam Study Guides

As we've talked about in other posts, the feeling around here is that the age of the big, bound social work exam study guide has passed. The web has taken over. Once upon a time, not so long ago, it wasn't easy to gather all the info you needed to review in one place. But that's changed. There is one place that everything can be gathered easily, and for free: the screen you're looking at right now.

You used to need a hard copy of the NASW Code of Ethics on hand.  And a copy of the DSM.  And some textbook walking you through various developmental theories and the like. No longer. Each is just a click away. And the links offered in this post are not rarities. If you don't like how things are presented on any of those sites, other versions are easy to track down with a quick web search. 

Prefer to curl up with a book? Wipe the dust off your MSW textbooks. They'll do the trick for just about everything covered on the exam. Use the web to fill in the holes.

Feeling ready to sit down for the exam? Great! First, assess your readiness with a practice exam or two. Get a sense of what it's like to answer 170 questions over 4 hours. Get your multiple choice chops back up and running. Soon, you'll have the test content and process both down. You'll be all-the-way ready. You'll be ready to go in and get that license. It's not that far away. Good luck!

UPDATE: SWTP has published a free study guide for the ASWB exam. It's good. Check it out!

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