Sunday, March 22, 2015

Socal Work Exam and Culture: Ataque de Nervios

The DSM-5 takes a new approach to culture-specific syndromes. But the content is the same. Here's a first in a series to get you up to speed on these syndromes, regardless of which DSM you're using for the exam. First, ataque de nervios. This is from the APA:
Ataque de nervios (“attack of nerves”) is a syndrome among individuals of Latino descent, characterized by symptoms of intense emotional upset, including acute anxiety, anger, or grief; screaming and shouting uncontrollably; attacks of crying; trembling; heat in the chest rising into the head; and becoming verbally and physically aggressive. Dissociative experiences (e.g., depersonalization, derealization, amnesia), seizure-like or fainting episodes, and suicidal gestures are prominent in some ataques but absent in others...
Want more than that? Try:

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