Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How to Pass the LMSW Exam

How do you pass the LMSW exam? Here's one, good, thorough answer from Nicole Clark on her blog. The post is called, fittingly enough, "Ask Nicole: How Did You Pass the LMSW Exam on Your First Try?" Here are the bullet points--do's and don'ts--which echo much of what we've been saying here. Our quick reaction/summary follows each:
  • Do know the NASW Code of Ethics (yes!)
  • Do take practice exams (she likes SWTP)
  • Do figure out how you like to retain information (she used a brainwave app)
  • Do take study breaks (research says so)
  • Do a trial run (if you've got the time and some anxiety to burn off, can help)
  • Do find ways to relieve stress (please do!)
  • Do know your acronyms (she means FAREAFI and AASPIRINS--sometimes helpful, sometimes not)
  • Don’t tell (many) people you’re taking the exam (good idea to reduce felt pressure)
  • Don’t pull out your class books (depends upon the class books, though, doesn't it? what about a textbooky textbook like Hepworth, Rooney, and Larson?)
  • Don’t answer exam questions based on what you’d do at your agency (yes! be the ideal, in-a-vacuum, textbook social worker)
All of the above applies to the LCSW exam and other ASWB exams, of course. More details within the post. Have at it!

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