Monday, July 6, 2015

Learning DSM-5

DSM-5 has arrived. Now that the change has happened on the ASWB exam, time to buckle down and learn the thing. As ever, the web is eager to help out. We've already linked to these info-filled pages:
But maybe you don't feel like reading. Okay, here's SWTP's DSM-5 YouTube collection. Includes lots of different people going over lots of DSM-5 facts. Also take a look at this webinar series from Magellan Healthcare. It's dry as dry toast, but seems to cover everything. Also, coming up later this month--for NASW members only--here's a lunchtime webinar.

There are plenty more presentations out there, not all of them free. If you find something and like it, please share in comments. In the meantime, happy DSM-5 learning!

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