Friday, September 11, 2015

California Here I (the ASWB Exam) Come

It's happening. As of January 1st, 2016, the ASWB is the national social work exam. No more, "everywhere but California." Golden Staters aiming to get their LCSW will soon be taking the clinical exam just like social workers from Maine to Washington to Minnesota to Texas (and everywhere in between). So, welcome to the party Californians!

Californians still get to claim a little difference and specialness because in addition to the ASWB clinical exam, they have to (get to!) take a California Law & Ethics exam in order to make it to licensure. Everyone else can tune out about now, but Californians, take note: The BBS has just published details about what the Law & Ethics exam will consist of in a handy eleven-page outline.

What's on there? The same law and ethics material, more or less, that appeared on the CA Standard Written exam. Only now, you'll be facing an exam that's wall-to-wall law and ethics. That means confidentiality, consent, mandated reporting, scope of practice, record keeping...all that stuff (and lots more). Take a look at the outline, take a breath, and get studying. You'll be through it before you know it.

Good luck, Californians. And again, welcome!

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