Friday, November 13, 2015

The Social Work Exam Cram Plan

One way to prepare for the social work licensing exam--cram:

"This is probably not for everyone. But I got busy and was planning to study longer but didn't. My exam date was suddenly just two weeks away and I hadn't cracked a book. I thought I was probably doomed.

I studied anyway, just in case I wasn't. I talked to people about what to prepare for and most people said just focus on the NASW Code of Ethics and on the basics in the DSM. So I did that, which didn't really take that long. I didn't make index cards or anything, I just read things over and made sure it was sinking in. (Which is not that easy. You mind wanders if you try to read the Code of Ethics front to back!) I looked over the basic theories about child development and about the basic types of therapy I don't already know from work. (I'm lucky that I get a lot of training at work, so I didn't really need to reread CBT and DBT materials.) After all that I did a few practice tests and, wow!, it seemed like maybe I was going to pass..

On the morning of the exam, I was nervous, but not panicked. I went for a short run. I forced myself to eat. I drove to the exam site. I took the exam. It was over before I knew it. I wasn't sure how I'd done. I hit the button and winced. Good news! I passed! Yay!"

Some people take months to prepare. Some take weeks. Some don't study at all. However you end up preparing, you can pass this exam! Good luck!

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