Monday, January 4, 2016

Ready to Get Licensed?

Choose your moment for renewed energy, resolve, and focus: the new year, a birthday, an anniversary, a day of the week. Sometimes all it takes to get underway on a big project is to tell yourself, "It's time."

Getting licensed as a social worker is a big project. Even the most easygoing among us is going to have a noticeable blip in their stress level as they prepare for and sit down to take the ASWB exam. The years of getting to exam-ready point are many (all that school!). The stakes are not insignificant (better work! better pay!). And the exam is a big one (four hours! 170 questions!).

But you can do it.

What will it take for you to be ready to pass the exam? You're the first, best judge of that. What kind of test taker are you? How well do you know your social work basics? How much time and motivation do you need?

Once you're ready to stare the exam down, accept the work ahead, and take the first steps, there are lots of resources out there to help you. Lots of them are free. Some of them cost a little bit. The NASW Code of Ethics? Free. Sample practice questions? Free (if you're okay with jumping around site to site). Full-length, graded online practice tests? Usually free only if you drop the "R"--fee. All are worth your time whether you're preparing in a hurry or over several months.

The most difficult ingredient to keep in decent supply is your own determination. But don't get overwhelmed. What's helped motivate you in the past? Remember that. Do that. Stick to it. Hang in there. You can get it done.

You'll be licensed soon. Congratulations in advance!

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