Thursday, March 17, 2016

KSA of the Day: Personality Theories

Paying a visit again to the Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities list (available at Ks, Ss, and As you might need to grasp in order to correctly answer questions on the social work licensing exam. Up next: personality theories.

Here again, you at some point have probably learned everything you need to know on the topic that you need to know to get through the exam. What you probably need is a refresher--to dig the info out of deep long term memory and get it somewhere more accessible for exam day.

Wikipedia is so very ready to help you with this, we end up with not so much to say about the subject. Only this: as you go through Wikipedia's personality theories list, remember this: if you haven't ever heard of it,  you probably don't really need to know it. Freud rings a bell, right? Worth reviewing. Allport, Catell, Gittinger? They may not have come up in that HBSE class. It may be safe to move on.

For your clicking and browsing ease, here's Wikipedia:
 For more about personality theory elsewhere on the web, try:
A web search will bring up more and more and more.
Happy learning, happy studying, and good luck on the exam!

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