Monday, June 19, 2017

Free Ethics Questions

Who doesn't want free questions? SWTP has posted a collection of free ethics questions, all based upon important content from the NASW Code of Ethics. Along with each question comes a fairly in-depth explanation--not just what the right answer is, but how to arrive at it. Unlike many other areas of the exam, you can be 100% positive you'll see generous helping of ethics questions on the ASWB exam. Don't skimp on ethics prep!

While questions can get tricky (which comes FIRST? which is BEST?), finding additional guidance about the underlying topic isn't. Unsure about an ethics specific? Just crack open the code. The answers are in there.

Expanding the SWTP blog category to all practice questions gets you even more free practice. The site wants you to get comfortable while working through the free blogged questions in the hopes that you'll stick around for their full-length practice tests. If you decide to do that, be sure to look around for a coupon code (or you can just write the site via the dialogue module that's on every page and request one). You should be able to get a hold of a coupon that will save you somewhere between five and ten percent.

Want more exposure to social worker ethical conundrums. Wander over to the Eye on Ethics column in Social Work Today. Each article contains material for several exam questions (though you'll have to imagine the exam questions yourself).

Happy ethics studying and good luck on the exam!

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