Monday, January 13, 2014

Exam DSM: Personality Disorders

The DSM is huge. There's way too much information in there for you to have completely memorized, or to come even close. Wiser thing to do as you're approaching the social work licensing exam, try imagining what you'd do if you were writing the exam.

What diagnoses are crucial to know about for carrying out day-to-day social work? Is it really important that every social worker have a handle on every obscure diagnosis? Not really. If something unfamiliar presents itself, they can look it up. Better that they are familiar with the diagnoses that most commonly turn up in social work settings. You know the ones: mood disorders, substance abuse disorders, psychotic disorders, disorders particular to specific groups (e.g., children and the elderly). And, of course, the focus of the links below, personality disorders. You know these when you see them; here are some places to brush up on the details:
Enjoy and good luck on the exam!

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