Monday, January 6, 2014

Social Work Exam Resource: Best in Mental Health

Trying to catch up with the social work past as your prepping for the social work licensing exam may feel daunting. One way to take a break while still (sort of ) preparing for the test is to try to catch up with the social work present. What're people up to in the field right now?

There are journals and websites aplenty out there aiming to answer that question. Happily, Dorlee M., LMSW, is out there compiling a weekly best-of, summarizing contents, and generally making it easier for you to stay fresh on the latest social work happenings. She titles her posts "Best in Mental Health." They even have their own catch phrase: "I'm watching twitter, google+ and the web so you don't have to..."

You never know what might help you speed through a question on the ASWB exam. Every little bit of acceleration helps!  Enjoy.

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