Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Matching Game: Cluster C Personality Disorders

Another DSM matching game to keep you on your toes as you prepare for the social work licensing exam. We've quizzed you on Cluster A and Cluster B. That leaves (drumroll)...Cluster C!

Your job: match the personality disorder with a symptom included within the disorder (the complete definitions would be giveaways, given the short, three-disorder list). Here are the disorders:

A. Avoidant personality disorder
B. Dependent personality disorder
C. Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder

And here are symptoms to match:

1. Excessive attention to mental control
2. Feelings of inadequacy
3. Pervasive fear

What do you think?

We tried to make these a trickier than they would've been with a more complete list of symptoms. Answers are in comments. To read up on the disorders, try Wikipedia:
These quizzes are fun, but they're just quizzes. For real test preparation, try the full-length practice tests at SWTP. Like they say, "Get practice, get licensed!" You can do it! Good luck!

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