Monday, July 31, 2017

Quick Quiz: Psychoanalysis Mad Lib

Hello, exam prepper! A question: How well do you have psychoanalysis understood? Here's a way to find out. Wikipedia lists seven basic tenets of psychoanalysis. We've cut and pasted them and removed key words and phrases. Your job, should you choose to accept it: fill in the blanks below. 

1.a person's development is determined by often forgotten events in [time of life], rather than by inherited traits alone;
2.human behavior and cognition is largely determined by irrational drives that are rooted in the [psychic location];
3.attempts to bring those drives into awareness triggers resistance in the form of [two-word phrase], particularly repression;
4.conflicts between [type of thought] and unconscious material can result in mental disturbances such as neurosis, neurotic traits, anxiety and depression;
5.unconscious material can be found in dreams and [two-word phrase], including mannerisms and slips of the tongue;
6.liberation from the effects of the unconscious is achieved by bringing this material into the [psychic location] through therapeutic intervention;
7.the "centerpiece of the psychoanalytic process" is the [single word], whereby patients relive their infantile conflicts by projecting onto the analyst feelings of love, dependence and anger.

How'd you do?

Check your answers via the original text on the Wikipedia psychoanalysis page.

For questions about psychoanalysis and much, much more--and for exposure to exam-style questions (there aren't mad libs on the ASWB exam), try SWTP practice tests. Tell 'em Pass the ASWB Exam sent you!

Happy studying and good luck!

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