Monday, August 7, 2017

Quick Quiz: Name That Ego Function

For this quick quiz, we turn to ego psychology. Below, the section about ego functions from Wikipedia's ego psychology page. Only, the names of each ego function have been removed. Your job: fill in the blank. Name each ego function. (Hint: All are two-word phrases unless otherwise specified.) We've answered the first one for you.

This one's hard! If you can get a few of these right, you're way ahead of the game.

Good luck!

Reality Testing: The ego's capacity to distinguish what is occurring in one's own mind from what is occurring in the external world. It is perhaps the single most important ego function because negotiating with the outside world requires accurately perceiving and understanding stimuli.

_____________ : The ability to manage aggressive and/or libidinal wishes without immediate discharge through behavior or symptoms. Problems with [this ego function] are common; for example: road rage; sexual promiscuity; excessive drug and alcohol use; and binge eating.
_____________ : The ability to modulate feelings without being overwhelmed.
_________ (1 word): The capacity to act responsibly. This process includes identifying possible courses of action, anticipating and evaluating likely consequences, and making decisions as to what is appropriate in certain circumstances.
_____________ : The capacity for mutually satisfying relationship. The individual can perceive himself and others as whole objects with three dimensional qualities.

_____________ : The ability to have logical, coherent, and abstract thoughts. In stressful situations, [this ego function] can become disorganized. The presence of chronic or severe problems in conceptual thinking is frequently associated with schizophrenia and manic episodes.
_____________ : A __________  is an unconscious attempt to protect the individual from some powerful, identity-threatening feeling. Initial __________ develop in infancy and involve the boundary between the self and the outer world; they are considered primitive _________ and include projection, denial, and splitting. As the child grows up, more sophisticated __________ that deal with internal boundaries such as those between ego and super ego or the id develop; these _________ include repression, regression, displacement, and reaction formation. All adults have, and use, primitive ________, but most people also have more mature ways of coping with reality and anxiety. (Blanks in paragraph all the same word, sometimes singular, sometimes plural.)
_________ (1 word): The __________ function is the ego's capacity to organize and unify other functions within the personality. It enables the individual to think, feel, and act in a coherent manner. It includes the capacity to integrate potentially contradictory experiences, ideas, and feelings; for example, a child loves his or her mother yet also has angry feelings toward her at times. The ability to _________ these feelings is a pivotal developmental achievement. (Blanks in paragraphs are different forms of the same word.)

How'd you do?

Check your answers on the source page. Read up on ego psychology while you're there, if you feel like it.

This isn't bread-and-butter ASWB exam content, but not a complete waste of time to review. For realistic exam-style questions based directly upon the ASWB content outline, check out SWTP.

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